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Tweens, BRENDA

Sun, January 21, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


Louisville, KY


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This event is all ages

Bully burst onto the scene in 2015 with their critically acclaimed album Feels Like. Today the band announces Losing. The album was engineered and mixed by lead-singer Alicia Bognanno in Chicago at Electrical Audio.
Fronted by Alicia Bognanno, Bully was born in 2013. Bognanno was an engineer who had cut her teeth working at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Together with guitarist Clayton Parker and Reece Lazarus on bass, they made a debut album received unanimous critical acclaim and Bognanno became a point of intrigue. A rock icon in the making, with her signature scream, messy blonde hair hanging in her face, and formidable skills as both a player and a engineer who prefers recording to tape. "The coarse Cobain head-scream of Bully singer, songwriter and guitarist Alicia Bognanno is its own resuscitating jolt of protest," said Pitchfork. "She spends much of Feels Like tearing the house down with her howl." The success propelled the band into an exhaustive touring cycle with spots on huge festivals such as Bonnaroo, Lollapallooza, Pitchfork Music Festival and ACL and a late night appearance on Conan.
While Feels Like tumbled headlong into the precarious nature of Bognanno's young adult life, Losing is a document of the complexity of growth: navigating breakups with sensitivity, learning not to run away from your troubles but to face them no matter how messy they may be. The debut single, "Feel The Same' is the album opener. Like an electric-shock Bognanno is back in your face tackling the angst of a young person feeling their way through the world. The song describes the prison of a manic mind-set, being trapped in your own head. On "Seeing It" she addresses the issue of personal safety and navigating the world as a woman. On "Running" she focuses on personal relationships and the avoidance of facing the demise of a personal relationship.
Losing is an internal, carefully focused record, a universalized diary and an exorcism-not of any one specific demon, but the host of them that characterize contemporary anxieties. Bully are growing up, sure, but their fire is in no way diminishing.
Bridget Battle’s last band might have been a high school choir, but the 21-year-old singer for Cincinnati’s Tweens is no goody two shoes. Look no further for proof than their forthcoming Self-Titled LP, the punk-tinged debut from the trash-pop trio—Battle on vocals and guitar, Peyton Copes on bass and Jerri Queen on drums—that showcases a melodic, driven and exceedingly catchy sound that’s anything but well behaved.
Tweens only formed in 2012, but has already made a name for themselves among fans—including The Breeders, who invited the band to open for them on a recent U.S. tour. The story goes that Kim Deal booked the band for one gig on the recommendation of Jim Blaze, owner of Cincinnati record shop Shake It Records, and was so impressed she brought on band to play select East Coast gigs and a full West Coast tour. Additionally, the band toured with the Black Lips, their partners in a party-centric attitude.
Despite the established friends, Tweens are very much their own band, bratty and precocious, sincere and genuine. The band’s name conjuresjust the right image: screaming hordes afflicted with Beatlemania, teenyboppers out for a good time, the underage, over-the-top punks in Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains. Think of cheery kids at their most excited, but juxtaposed with lyrics about bad boyfriends and unrelenting independency. Tweens are not a riot grrrl revisionist band, but they are a ferociously honest one.
The trio has come a long way from their early demos and previously released Live at the Mohawk EP. Tweens, is a collection of new, garage-influenced tracks—produced by Eli Janney—sprinkled with some of the band’s older, doo-wop influenced favorites. The first single, “Be Mean,” is a biting anthem, with Battle crooning, “I want you to be mean to me,” while “Forever” harkens back to a girl-gang sound, this time with driving bass. The band sites Bay Area punks The Donnas, The Trashwomen and the Bobbyteens as influences—and that bubblegum badass vibe is apparent throughout the full-length—but the sound Tweens are creating is truly their own. So rat your hair, slip on your leather jacket and hold on tight because Tweens may be young but they’re certainly not naïve, and with the release of this freshman LP, they’re breaking curfew and nobody’s safe.
B R E N D A (July 2015) the inaugural self-titled release from Germantown four-piece BRENDA. The EP encapsulates the contagious garage-party-rock, catchy-lyricism and thunderous percussive ASSAULT Louisville, KY audiences have come to expect from this quartet.

Produced in a marathon 24 hour period at Young Camelot (Humboldt Park, Chicago), the five songs found on B R E N D A deliver an articulate expression of all that is GOOD about love - fun, sex, infatuation, plastic - and SALTY about heartbreak - tears, P I Z Z A, depravity, plastic, chocolate covered pretzels.

Exploiting blown out - reverb soaked tones paired with fuzzy guitars and collaborative bombastic drumming, the production and arrangements found on
B R E N D A are focused on minimalism and live performance to paint a BLEACHED sonic image.

An eye-catching live show fueled by taut percussion and hooksome melodies, BRENDA’S crisp modern performance reverberates with charisma and charm while delivering a WILDLY energetic garage rock blast.

Eric plays a TINY bass
Colleen hits a stolen TOM and snare
Matt melts a PLASTIC guitar
Brenda hits a STOLEN bass drum and snare

The musicians of BRENDA cut their teeth on stages across the American heartland...

Eric Cassidy: Human Cannonball (multi-instrumentalist, vocals) - Louisville, KY
Colleen Doyle: Phantom Family Halo (vocals, percussion) - Louisville, KY
Matt Horne: Venom Amen (violin, vocals) - Louisville, KY
Brenda Mahler: Fayble Family (vocals, percussion) - Athens, OH

As the dead twins in the Shining did, BRENDA encourages you to “come play with us, Danny” and join in the ruckus at a venue near you. Forever...and ever...and ever…
Venue Information:
2100 South Preston Street
Louisville, KY, 40217