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Thu, September 15, 2016

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Louisville, KY

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Movits! is the product of a northern Swedish upbringing, with equal parts Cornelis, Wu-Tang and

dad's record collection. It is when you think it natural to mix Benny Goodman's swing with Swedish

rap. Movits! is the perfect storm sprung from the collision between small-town boredom and

creative madness. Now, the band is releasing their fourth album and the music is as melodic

accurate and on point as ever. Movits is one of musical acts working in the outskirts of the Swedish

music miracle but still draws large crowds, both at home and internationally.

When the band made their debut ”Äppelknyckarjazz” in 2008 they were mainly trying to do music

that would work well on stage. They wanted give people something they could dance to. This was

where the idea to blend swing jazz with hip-hop was born, and the debut made ripples far beyond

their national borders. The single "Äppelknyckarjazz" was a huge success, and when the band was

discovered by the US television show ”The Colbert Report”, there was no turning back. Movits!

would come to conquer hearts on the other side of the Atlantic without promotion, an agent, or evne

music that the audience could understand. Not only did they play on the famous TV-show in the

summer of 2009, their album sales increased by 84 000% on Amazon and it hit the number one spot

on the USA iTunes hip-hop chart. The Colbert Bump was definitely a real thing.

On the sequel, "Out Of My Head” from 2011, the band returned to its hip-hop roots, although

elements of jazz and swing were still there. The single "Sammy Davis jr,” was a funky tribute to

ages past, played frequently on the radio and confirmed the band's position back home in Sweden.

2011 was the year when the whole world would witness Movits! in their natural environment - on

stage. Besides tours in the US and Europe, they made a highly acclaimed festival summer and

became the most booked band in Sweden. - A full 33 shows in just over two months.

2013, they started working on their third album that would be called "Head amongst the clouds".

The band changed labels in Sweden and started doing more of the label work themselves. This

culminated with their largest single to date, Limousin, which today has over 10 million streams on

Spotify. It also saw a further change in sound and production. Although the use of live instruments

is a central part of Movits! sound, the songs on ”Head amongst the clouds" were more about beats

and loops than before.

This is a trend that continues on the band's fourth album "They tried to bury us, they did not know

we were seeds " from 2015. Movits! has always moved forwards and backwards in their

sound, while the lyrics have gone from some sort of melodic and vernacular playfulness to being

more punky and raw. Movits! new album is more of a "fuck you" than any of their past ones have

been, while they have retained their charm and the desire to get people to jump and dance in front

of the stage.

Movits! has always kept one foot firmly in the present, while the other has been leaping

uncontrollably between genres and eras. You can choose to see the mixture and clashes in their

music as a cynical way to find the lowest common denominator, but is more about a true

creative desire. The happy byproduct of creating their own genre, whether you call

Äppelknyckarjazz or hip. When you talk about the "Swedish music miracle" it is easy to mention

renowned hardcore bands, impressive EDM producers and songwriters on the Billboard list. It is

rare to talk about those that with curiosity and intuition create something of their own. Those that

will mix all sorts of musical ingredients down to a musical stew that will have people on the other

side of the world singing songs they don’t understand a word of. EDM producers, hardcore bands

and songwriters comes 13 on the dozen. But there is only one Movits!, they sound like Movits!,

play like Movits! and it’s because they are Movits! that people from Sweden to Hungary to Japan

love them.
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